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With over 30 carriers to work with across 14 product groups, the Insurance Group of New England helps provide our agents with distinct competitive advantages.

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Our Principles

Insurance Group of New England is an organization built on teamwork and fundamental values. We are only as good as the outstanding members that create the foundation of our organization. Below are our core values we were founded on:


Our greatest strengths are leveraging the shared resources and support of a cohesive group while maintaining your independence.

Unlike the majority of the insurance groups in the market today, The Insurance Group of New England allows you to maintain your independence and 100% ownership. Our professional and united team add value and powerful assets to your agency, while to your clients you are still the same agency they have come to know and trust.


How much would you pay to bring stability to the important aspects of your agency?

Stability is just one of the great benefits of joining The Insurance Group of New England. We offer 2 layers of stability:

1. Loss Ratio Stability:
Because of our large premium volume, large claims that may have hurt your agencies profit sharing in the past have a minimal impact.

2. Agency Perpetuation:
The group also has built in perpetuation options so when you decide to retire, you will have several very attractive strategies available.

Profit Sharing

Profitability is greatly enhanced when you participate in the group as is your profit sharing stability.

By being viewed as one entity by the companies, your agency will qualify for profit sharing tiers that would be impossible to achieve independent of the group. The larger volume of business also makes it much more unlikely that a large loss will make you ineligible for company profit sharing plans. While in the past, you may have received nothing as your volume was insufficient, now you may qualify for the companies highest pay out levels.


Today's independent agency knows how important it is to have every possible market at their fingertips.

The problem lies in that the average sized agency does not have enough business to satisfy the contractual demands of multiple companies. The main street agency will only have a limited number of companies from which to draw quotes and resources. This makes them vulnerable to competitors in the marketplace.

Because The Insurance Group of New England pools its volume, these limitations go away. In fact, your agency can now offer the best products at the most competitive rates. Better service and products to your customers means greater overall retention of your customer base.


One of the most attractive features of The Insurance Group of New England is our automation platform.

With a full on site IT staff and one of the industries leading IT consultants, the group is always operating on cutting edge technology.

In fact the group reinvests a significant portion of the membership fees collected in the ongoing development and enhancement of the technology platform.

Redundancy and disaster protection that is utilized within this approach leads to greater peace of mind and the end result is a system that has less down time and more functionality.

These features allow you and your staff to enjoy greater efficiency and productivity.


With all of this cutting edge technology, training can also be an issue.

The group addresses this by having a centrally located, state of the art, training facility for use by any group member. This state of the art facility features 12 technology stations and an impressive audio/video system that can accommodate technical training, client or underwriting presentations, instruction on a new company rating platform or exploring how to better utilize your AMS or Applied system.

Member Case Study

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance

"When I look back on why we originally joined the Insurance Group of New England, I realize now that there are many more benefits other than just the additional carrier options..."

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Member Case Study

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance

"When I look back on why we originally joined the Insurance Group of New England, I realize now that there are many more benefits other than just the additional carrier options. We transitioned our agency management system to 'AMS360' and have been very satisfied with the change and also the support we receive from the Insurance Group of New England. Additionally, being a Personal Lines Agency for the past 10 years it’s been difficult obtaining Commercial Lines Appointments based on lack of experience, however now that we’re a part of the group we’re finally transitioning into Business Insurance thanks to our membership."

- Jon Merwin, Owner

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